A-Z Social Work Consultancy Service

A-Z Social Work Consultancy and Services
1st Floor 48 Cheapside

T: 01582 480 008
M: 07773 408881

E: gosia@a-zsocialwork.com


A-Z Social Work Consultancy and Services - The Benefits

  • Experienced Social Workers All our practitioners A-Z Social Work Consultancy and Services - The Benefithave at least 10 years post qualifying experience, many at managerial level.
  • Cost Certainty You can choose to pay a flat fee for each piece of work so that you know the costs up front.  Hourly rates also available. 
  • No time or overhead costs to you Our way of working means there is no need for induction time or space/equipment provided by you.
  • Lateral way of working We don’t just complete the work, we contribute to the planning process and progress cases.
  • Shadowing/mentoring opportunities Our experienced managers can help to raise practice standards by offering shadowing and mentoring opportunities to your staff, for example court work
  • Innovative way of working Taking on defined pieces of work helps to ease the workload for your team


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